Thank You for visiting The Popcorn Man's web page ( . The Popcorn Man was founded in 1977 by James L.Melikian.  The company specializes in providing school districts in California and other states with healthy, nutritious items for the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, the Child Care Program as well as the After School Snack Program.

   The Popcorn Man's products include:

Cheesy Focaccia
 El Hombre Nacho Cheese Tortilla Pieces
Cheese Popcorn
Raisels Golden Raisin Sours
Raisels Golden Raisin Fruit Flavored  (No Added Sugar)


Company:The Popcorn Man

Person to contact: James L. Melikian

Phone number: (310) 541-1800  

FAX number: (310) 544-3944